Brayco Stainless Steel Sitemap


Table Bases

Medical Trolleys

Dining Tables

Flat Benches 450, 457, 610 or 762mm Deep

Chrome Wire Shelving for Dry Store

Premium Coolroom / Freezer Shelving


Stainless Cabinets

Stainless Sinks 610mm Deep

Premium Coolroom Accessories

Stainless Steel 2 Tier Restaurant Overshelves

Pre Rinse Taps

Stainless Steel Trolleys

Polypropylene Trolley Accessories


Wall Mounted Pipe Shelves

Stainless Undershelves

Stainless Steel Benches with Splashback 700 Deep

Coolroom / Dry Store

Epoxy Wire Shelving for Cool Rooms

Stainless Coffee Cart

Stainless Sinks 700mm Deep

Shelves for Sinks

Premium Shelving Accessories

Counter Stools

Mixer Taps

Polypropylene Trolleys

Splashback Extensions


Splashback / Flat Benches 450mm Deep

Dishwasher Sinks & Benches

Low Cafe Stools

Stainless Drawer Cabinets

Wire Shelving Extras

Wall Mounted Solid Shelves

Stainless Steel Shelf Units

Hands Free Taps

Underbench Drawers

Larger Flat Benches 914 mm Deep


Bar Stools

Stainless Sink Cabinets

Stainless Wall Mounted Sinks

Stainless Undershelf

Leg Attachments - Enclose a bench

Table Tops


Premium Splashback Benches 610 Deep

Wall Mounted

Stainless Knee Operated Sinks

Leg Options


Extras For Stainless Sinks

Rail Kits – Underbench Storage

More Shelving Options

Stainless Waste Collection Bench with Hole

Extras for Stainless Benches

2 Tier Overshelves


Dunnage Racks


Dining Options