Tolix Chair: What Are They?

Tolix Chairs are a classic style of chair that has been around for a long time. Both at home and abroad, you’ve most likely sat in a Tolix chair in your favourite pub or restaurant.

Tolix chairs are trusted by the US Army and are common in restaurants and cafés, bars and public spaces. Tolix chairs have been featured in interior design publications worldwide and are a must-have in designer kitchens. Visit Replica Tolix range for more info.

Tolix Chair NZ


Who invented the Tolix Chair?

Xavier Pauchard, a sheet metal craftsman by trade, set out to develop chairs that would withstand the elements while appealing to retail and restaurant owners as a fashionable addition to their businesses.

The stackable chair “Chaise A” debuted in the mid-1930s, and “Monsieur X,” as Pauchard was known, developed the prototype to construct it with a few adjustments.

In addition to providing restaurant and cafe owners with robust, balanced, and aesthetic cafe furniture, Xavier Pauchard identified a quick solution to a real problem. Tolix has become synonymous with ease of use.
The “Chaise A,” Tolix’s initial chair design, has been revised since its inception and is extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand.
The renowned “Fauteuil D” stool has stood the test of time as a timeless design that may be utilised everywhere.

How does Tolix Style differ from other styles?

A Tolix chair, or any Tolix design that seats people, is made of high-quality, rust-resistant metal that has been galvanised by immersing it in molten zinc.

The “X” design that acts as a structure for the chair’s seat gives Pauchard his nickname. As a result, your frame will be robust and stable.
In Pauchard’s day, a single chair was made utilising 100 time-consuming methods. Developments in machinery and technology have, of course, altered the manufacturing process.

Xavier Paurchard’s Replica Tolix Chairs

You may wonder why replica tolix chairs are so widely available.
The fact is that the concepts of Xavier Pauchard were never patented, which was a common omission at the time. Despite its ups and downs, the Tolix design has been copied all over the world for decades.

The Manufacturing Process of Tolix Chairs

Even while good design never goes out of style, copies that do not conform to the highest requirements of quality materials can not hold up in busy kitchens. A Tolix chair can cost up to three times what you’d expect to pay to upgrade your living space, depending on where you purchase. This sets Brayco apart from the competitors.

We attempt to deliver the highest quality products at the most reasonable pricing, all of which are designed to last in hectic restaurant environments. Tolix chairs are sourced by Brayco from reputable manufacturers who adhere to strict criteria. Because they cut out the middlemen, Brayco can provide you with the best quality at the best price.

Are Tolix Chairs Suitable for Outdoor Use?

Tolix chairs are easy to clean and maintain. However, they are not intended for outdoor use. The air chair is composed of weather-resistant plastic and is a superior choice for outdoor use.

Is it possible to sit in a Tolix chair and be comfortable?

Tolix chairs provide the appropriate level of comfort for the job. Its popularity would have waned long ago if their function didn’t match customer needs. Varied colour possibilities, various materials, such as wood, and rounded corners for child safety are among the new design components that do not jeopardise the chair’s lifetime.

Which Tolix chair is the most comfortable?

The amount of time it takes to service a customer determines the user’s or company owner’s comfort level. Tolix chairs come in a variety of forms and materials, and can be used in a variety of domestic situations, such as kitchens, living rooms, and home offices.

What exactly is a Tolix Stool, and how do you use it?

For commercial use surrounding bar areas, Tolix bar stools were well-known at hotels, bars, and outdoor bars. In industrial kitchens, home bar spaces, and modern designs, they blend space with an ambient look. Tolix stools are distinguished by their solidity and balanced form.

Tolix Chairs Come in What Colors and Designs?

Pauchard Tolix designs are available in various styles, from chairs to tables and stools, from Brayco. Many of our seats come in up to eight distinct colour combinations, ensuring that you’ll find the ideal Tolix chair to match your cafe or restaurant. You can choose from a large range of chair and barstool heights in each of the three categories to suit your needs. To give your venue that special touch, there are many various table tops to pick from. Checkout Chairforce Tolix chairs to learn more.

Where to buy Tolix Chair’s in New Zealand

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