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Commercial Kitchen – Cabinets, Benches & Shelving Layout

The five key components of a commercial kitchen

It’s critical to consider the needs that the kitchen must meet, as well as the equipment required to meet those needs when designing a commercial kitchen space. You would be able to plan the commercial kitchen layout more efficiently if you know what elements need to fit into the room from the beginning of the design process. Every commercial restaurant kitchen needs at least one stainless steel bench. The following are the five elements of a commercial kitchen:

The key to your success as a food business is in the kitchen design.

  1. Storage
  2. Food Preparation
  3. Cooking Station
  4. Food Service
  5. Washing
five key components of a commercial kitchen

The key to your success as a food business is in the kitchen design.

All must be prepared well before you open your restaurant since a good design would help your kitchen work smoothly and efficiently. Everyone knows you need good people, good appliances, and a chef who knows what they’re doing, but the design of your commercial kitchen is also important.

The ideal kitchen style, in our view, has five facets. There are the following:

  1. Storage: Depending on the product, ingredients must be kept safe, free of contaminants, and at the proper temperature. The utensils must be readily available.

            Dry storage and cold storage are two types of storage.

               DRY STORE: In a kitchen, dry storage space or designated area is important for storing any of the ambient items that are used, whether they are tinned or canned products, foods, or fresh produce. When planning a smaller area with restricted space, kitchen wall shelves and over bench shelving are useful choices, similar to the freezer room.

               COLD STORE: Of course, a walk-in freezer shop is preferable, but when building smaller spaces, this is usually one of the luxuries to be lost. Walk-in freezer stores vary from cold stores in that they require an enclosed floor to keep the temperature at the ideal level. This is achieved by either providing an elevated floor that creates a step into space or by carving a recess in the slab that allows the freezer room’s finished surface to be flush with the adjacent floor heights, allowing trolleys to be rolled indirectly. In many cases, upright stand-alone shelving is used to increase freezer storage capacity, particularly where space is limited.

  1. Food Preparation: It’s important to separate various forms of food during preparation, whether you’re slicing onions or poultry. Sinks with additional bench space and sink covers have additional prep space in a limited work environment. Another choice is to have a central work table with over-the-bench shelving for added comfort and storage.
  2. Cooking Station: The cookline is both the heart and the engine of the kitchen. The cooking equipment’s position is critical to a smooth service, and it can be easily combined with your stainless benches. For a fast transition from prep to cook, a mix of benches and cabinets provides useful workspace and storage while holding things within easy reach.
  3. Food Service: Front-of-house employees can get to the pass quickly and safely without disturbing the kitchen flow, thanks to efficient kitchen architecture. Plates and service ware may be stored in stainless cabinets in this location, which is conveniently tucked away while not in operation.
  4. Cleaning and Washing: In a bustling kitchen, plates, bowls, and cutlery must be cleaned so that they can be reused. It’s important to provide a well-designed washroom with enough space for sorting and treating, as well as a suitable dishwasher. Combine dishwashing benches and sinks with an open lip to allow wash trays to be slid into and out of the washing machine. Before throwing the clothes in the laundry machine, add a faucet with a shower head to assist with the rinsing.

Kitchen design is a time-consuming process that can take several hours to work out the ideal style.

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